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Chilimansi Style - There’s a bunch of normal-looking Key Club pins…...
SPCP Paulinian. Distinguished Marlboro KC Prez 2013. I'll revive CKI at Georgian Court, hopefully. ------------------------------------------
Coping mechanisms aren't healthy but if they keep you going, they're a better option than trying to kill yourself again. -----------------------I care far too much about the things (Philippines. Performing Arts. K-Family. Icebreakers and ice cream) that keep me going. You can judge, but I'm pretty ruthless when I call you out on your flaws, so be prepared. ----- The K-fam, hope that I'll be able to perform onstage again, and changing lives through teaching kids. That gives me hope... It'll take a lot of effort and time. But I'm willing to push through. It gets better, right?

There’s a bunch of normal-looking Key Club pins… Then there’s the district of LaMissTenn…

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    Then there’s our Southwest District patriotic chili pepper… If you check out how nifty these KEY Club pins are, you...
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